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Personal Injury

Ruling Means More Liability Exposure for Government Vehicles

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it easier for individuals to sue over injuries caused by government vehicles. Generally, the state has immunity from personal injury lawsuits. One exception is if someone is hurt by a government agency vehicle when it’s “in operation.” Last month, the Supreme Court broadened the meaning of “in operation.” Past […]

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Decisions on Expert Witnesses are Critical to Trial Success

Recently, a federal appeals court rejected the appeal of a woman who said the trial court was wrong to bar her expert witness from testifying. She filed the appeal after a jury sided with the retail giant she had sued after slipping on a puddle of water in one of its stores. The appeals court […]

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PA High Court: No Immunity for PennDOT in Guardrail Injury Claims

You lose control of your car on a roadway in Pennsylvania and slam into a guardrail. The guardrail pierces your car and you’re injured. Can you sue PennDOT? Yes, you can, says the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In a recent ruling, the high court held that sovereign immunity doesn’t protect the state against lawsuits that allege […]

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Injuries and Damages Awards in Personal Injury Cases

A tractor-trailer driver grows sleepy at the wheel. His truck veers into oncoming traffic, slamming into a car. The car’s driver, who is wearing a seat belt and traveling within the speed limit, is seriously injured. The defendant trucking company doesn’t dispute that its driver caused the accident. It doesn’t argue that the driver of […]

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