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An outstanding reputation for successfully litigating high profile criminal,
personal injury, civil rights, domestic relations, and immigration cases.

Criminal Defense

We are former prosecutors and fierce litigators. We defend against misdemeanor and felony charges at the state and federal levels. The skill and experience of a defense attorney are critical in criminal cases. Extensive experience in the criminal justice system is desirable. The firm of McMonagle, Perri, McHugh & Mischak includes former prosecutors who bring […]

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Medical Malpractice

We help clients determine whether they have a medical malpractice claim. If they do, we map out the case carefully, with precision. When a health care provider is negligent and someone is injured or dies because of it, that is medical malpractice. Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and other health care professionals can make medical errors […]

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Catastrophic Personal Injury

Our clients have suffered physical, financial and emotional injury in accidents and other situations, such as property infestations. Personal injury claims involving catastrophic injuries include complex medical evidence and, often, extensive negotiation. Putting a dollar figure on injuries and their effect on quality of life and earning potential, for example, is difficult. Litigation can be […]

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Family Law/Divorce

We are experienced in all divorce-related issues. Other family matters we handle include paternity and prenuptial agreements. The decision to divorce is usually just the first of several difficult decisions that involve children, finances, property, or all three. Litigation is not always the answer and is best viewed as a last resort. Resolving custody, support, […]

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Auto/Car Accidents

We are personal injury lawyers with experience in car accident cases. If you or a loved one has been hurt, we can provide guidance. Anyone who commutes to work, shuttles children around or runs errands sees how common car accidents are. Most accidents are fender benders. Drivers exchange information and move along. But not always. […]

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Defective Products

First, we help clients determine whether they have a case. This must be done quickly because there is a time limit on filing claims. Thousands of children and adults of all ages are injured or die every year because of defective products. Liability for these injuries and deaths might lie in the design, manufacturing or […]

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Motorcycle Accidents

Personal injury claims are common in these tragic cases. But a defective motorcycle or helmet can play a role in the resulting loss. Motorcyclists are far more likely to die in traffic accidents than drivers and passengers of other vehicles. And, when they survive accidents, they are more likely to suffer catastrophic injury. Motorcycle accidents […]

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Truck Accidents

Our attorneys provide the guidance and negotiating skills that clients need to navigate the complexities of a truck accident case. Every year, police report hundreds of thousands of crashes involving large trucks on U.S. roadways. Thousands of people are killed and many more injured — most of them not occupants of the trucks. Further, the […]

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